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Monday, November 12, 2012

iZone-iHUB Marks its Territory

The first open forum site in the Philippines iZone-iHUB held its grand opening and launch of the site last November 8, 2012 at the heart of Philippine’s most innovative city Pasig.

Denizens from all over have gathered for this prestigious event to be enlightened and further understand what iZone-iHUB is all about.

Media, Netprenuers, Enterpreneurs , Techy Pinoys, bloggers and writters are all present to enjoy the festivities and here some inspirational words coming from the founder of iZone-iHUB himself Mr. Daniel S. Pena Sr. who is a renowned public speaker and business magnate.

The event was kicked start by Mr. Pena delivering a very powerful message to all the guests on site and provided them the wisdom of a 40 year old veteran on business development and entrepreneurship on how the Philippines can be a beacon of innovation.

 “This question has been asked to me, what’s the catch? And my answer to that is there is no catch! We want to offer this place to techie Filipino who would want to have a place they can call a second home away from their homes.”

iZone-iHUB offers its facilities to techies and individuals who would want to have a place where they can collaborate with fellow techies and innovators to come up with projects that can probably be the next big thing to come after Facebook.

The facility will now operate 24/7 to accommodate nocturnal techies and to provide coffee and ice tea for those who would be present on site. The best part about this is that iZone-iHUB would also offer advisors and consultants in assisting these techies if their projects can actually be monotized or developed further. 

If you want to find more about this exciting event and what other activities iZone-iHUB would provide to its patrons, then you can visit the site at

Article By: iZone-iHUB

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